Okay we know what you're thinking; but no, we won't be serving "brinner" on Saturday night--we promise! We will be grilling out on an "egg!"

The Big Green Egg is easily one of the most popular grills in America. This ceramic kamado-style grill is miles ahead of any traditional outdoor cooking models. It's functions and capabilities (not to mention the food!) is the stuff of Grill Master's dreams. So much so, that owners of these grills and the chefs that cook with them are labeled Egg Heads.

One of those Egg Heads is Chan Cox, owner & founder of Wine World and The Wine Bar. When Chan couldn't stop raving about his beloved Big Green Egg from Bay Breeze Patio, Chefs Jared & Dedrick of The Wine Bar-Destin could only think of one thing: Saturday Steak Nights!

Now, every Saturday night, you'll find one of the Chef's outside of our Destin location grilling a selection of steaks, fresh gulf-to-grill seafood, or other exciting foods--all on the Big Green Egg.

"The Green Egg elevates everything..." explained Wayne Paul, a fellow Egg Head and local Big Green Egg dealer at Bay Breeze Patio. Chef Jared agrees with this sentiment and adds: "literally anything will taste better if it's been cooked in that thing!" The Egg isn't just a grill either. It has smoking, roasting, and baking capabilities too.

The masterminds of our Wine World kitchen are already planning events, including cooking demonstrations, classes, and bourbon pairing dinners for your entertainment and dining pleasure. Keep an eye out for these happenings, and in the meantime, come check out the Big Green Egg in action on a Saturday night!
"There's always something happening at Chan's!"

Here's to cook-out season!