(Destin, FL) -- As you might already know, the Wine Bar menu offers an array of fresh foods from lighter fare like Paradise Salad to delectable dinner options like "En Fuego" Linguine. But a burger is nowhere to be found... 

That's because our Chef's burgers are so wild, we dedicate just one special night a week to serving them at our DESTIN location! Every Wednesday, the Chef works all day to prepare a unique burger worth waiting for, and at 5pm it's added to our chalkboard menu for the evening!

"For me the best part is that we don't know what kind of burger it's going to be until the very last minute..." admitted Michael Jones, General Manager of The Wine Bar-Destin, "the burgers are always delicious, but anticipation is what makes it taste even better, I think." We must admit, it is pretty funny to watch as a group of Wine World employees stand near the kitchen late into 4pm on Wednesday, waiting and bugging the Chef to hurry up and "release the burger!"

But let's be honest, there's no beverage to better wash down a burger than BEER! So, on Wednesday night we shift our wine-gears into craft beer mode. Guests can taste a different selection of 6 to 8 craft brews each week, and one our of experts will guide you through tasting notes and other interesting facts about how and where the beer is crafted! The beers selected always feature a wide range organized from light to dark, making it easy for the Chef & the Beer Expert to find one to properly "pair" with that night's featured burger! Those who participate in the tasting will get a discount on any food they decide to munch on with the brews.

So, for Destin it seems that on a Wednesday night, The Wine Bar is the best place to be for burgers and beers... who would've thought?!