Destin Menu

Grand Boulevard Menu

Small Plates

Eggplant with Buttermilk Sauce and Cherry Tomatoes

{ griddled eggplant, buttermilk, yogurt, cherry tomatoes }


{ stuffed Shrimp, cayenne peppers }

Large Plates 

Herb Seared Salmon

{ salmon, parmesan, risotto, mushroom consume }

Grouper with Corn Pudding

{ grouper, corn pudding, chef's okra }


Mediterranean Duo, $12

{ baba ganoush, eggplant tabouli Dip with parsley salad and housemade pita chips }

Gulf Grouper Cakes, $13

{ with a citrus and herb beurre blanc }


Lamb and Rice Cabbage Rolls, $25

{ with speckled butter beans, roasted local vegetables, and fingerling mashed potatoes }

Messina Tuna, $34

{ seared tuna steak topped with a red wine caper sauce, accompanied by sauteed arugula and tomatoes, and saffron rice }