{ Blackened, pan-seared jumbo scallops on a bed of sautéed arugula and corn maux choux, $13 }

{ Hollowed out oven roasted Florida tomato with duck confit, fois gras and St. Angel cheese, $15 }


{ Seminole Pride Filet Mignon atop root vegetable mash, roasted vegetables and a balsamic red wine glaze, $33 }

{ Gulf Trio- Snapper, Royal Reds and Blue Crab Cake, served with oven roasted red potatoes, asparagus and house made sauces, $38 }

Small Plates

{ Thai Prawns- Cool Fish Niceville } 

Garlic, Grape Tomatoes, Red Onion, Thai Chili, Cabbage, Pickles, Carrot, Sweet Soy

{ Stuffed Bell Peppers- Covey Rise and Kiket Bay Farms }

Whole Hog Sausage, Cous Cous, Garlic, Thyme, Local Vegetables

{ Gator Tots- Cool Fish Niceville } 

Marinated Gator Meat, Spicy Cauliflower Cous Cous, Sweet Chili Glaze

Large Plates

{ Ribeye Bordelaise- Seminole Pride Beef } 

Seminole Ribeye, Bordeaux, Shallot, Butter, Chefs Accompaniments

{ Pork Marsala- Kiket Bay Farms }

Pork Loin, Garlic, Marsala Wine, Butter, Chefs Accompaniments

{ Pan Seared Golden Tile with Tomato Chili Confit- Cool Fish Niceville }

Gulf Caught Golden Tile, Cherry Tomatoes, Spicy Peppers, Pork Fat, Basil, Garlic